Drug & Alcohol Policy



With the ultimate objective of protecting Human Life and the Environment and of assuring the highest standards of Safety at sea, the Company has established a “D&A Policy” with respect to consumption and possession of drugs & alcohol on board the vessels. This Policy and the implementation details that are described below guaranty that

  • Companies  fleet vessels using, distribution and consumption of alcohol and drugs are strictly forbidden.

  • Posters living the effects of drug use and alcohol abuse are hung up at various point within the ship’s accommodation and engine control room.

  • Posters containing the company’s policy in respect of drug and alcohol use and abuse are hung up at various points within the ship’s accommodation and engine control room.

  • Drugs should be kept under the seal, drugs should not be used unless necessary for urgent treatment of the patient with the Master permission and prohibit the misuse of legitimate drugs 

  • All seafarers must be able to respond at any time in an emergency situation using their best capabilities and unobstructed judgment.

The Master is responsible for the implementation of the drug & alcohol policy onboard his ship. The company shall provide him with the equipment and the necessary guidance to administer alcohol tests for all employees, officers and ratings, as well as all the necessary support to implement the disciplinary action. These regulating policies apply to all Company personnel during their employment period whether onboard or ashore.