Veysel Vardal Shipping& Trading S.A its Senior Management and Directors are fully committed to ensuring the safety and health of all crew members and staff on board its vessels and in its offices, contracted personnel and any other persons who are directly or indirectly connected with its business and operations.

Veysel Vardal Shipping& Trading S.A. will ensure that the concept of safe operations is conveyed and understood by all employees and that safe working practice are fully implemented on board all its ships.The Company’s Management System complies with the requirements of OHSAS18001 ‘Occupational Health and Safety Management System’

Veysel Vardal Shipping& Trading S.A. is committed to conducting its business with integrity and in line with all national, international and local laws and other requirements to which its activities of business are subject.

Veysel Vardal Shipping& Trading S.A aims to achieve the below objectives, through implementation of our Health and Safety Protection Policy in accordance with our OHSAS 18001 Certification:

  • Occupational diseases, injury and human loss prevention

  • Safety at sea

  • Prevention of damage to property (vessel and cargo)

  • Relevant procedures and operational instructions are integrated in the Safety Management System (SMS) that Veysel Vardal Shipping& Trading S.A implements, maintains and monitors.

Safety and Health Protection Policy